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You need to feel comfortable with your divorce attorney, as you will both be dependent on her or him and be opening up the most intimate portions of your life to them. It is best to speak with several divorce attorneys at length before choosing one; one of our divorce attorneys will initially consult with you a minimum of a half-hour at no charge (and often quite a bit longer) to learn about your case and give you a chance to get to know us and determine if you feel comfortable handing over the life-critical honor of representing you. This initial consultation does not obligate BALA to you (or you to BALA) in any way, and does not create an Attorney-Client Relationship, but what you tell us is confidential and cannot ever be used against you.

Call us today, or fill out the contact form on this page to get in touch with some of the most respected divorce attorneys in Marin county. Let us help you make sure you get the best possible outcome during this difficult time.

Communicating with us does not create an attorney/client relationship, but all information will be kept confidential.  Every contact will be reviewed by an attorney and you will be contacted by an attorney within 2 business days. 

We recognize that your time is valuable, and will not waste your time on unnecessary meetings or travel.  We use technology to minimize costs and improve service wherever possible.

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